Three myths about the Swedish monopoly somebody might have told you.


“It’s already decided who will win the tender.”

Not true. Each tender is a neutral process. It is strictly controlled and supervised, with clear rules. The final stage is a blind-tasting where neither the name nor the fame counts. Only the wine’s quality matters.


“Importers are employed by the monopoly.”

Not true. The Swedish alcohol monopoly is not allowed to import by itself. Instead, responsible purchasers rely on independent importers’ suggestions. (And of course, it’s not possible to cheat the system by befriending the purchasers.)


“If a wine sells well in Swedish restaurants, it will soon be available in the monopoly’s stores.”

Not true. On and off-trade are two completely separate sales channels. In-store distribution always requires a tender or contract. No matter how popular a specific wine brand becomes in restaurants or bars, it still needs to undergo the same selection process as any other competing wine in its category.

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