Meet the key players who
bought wine for half a billion Euros.
Until they changed sides.

Before we switched careers and started working at the import company WineWorld, most of us were employed as wine purchasers at Sweden’s monopoly “Systembolaget” for several years.

That vast first-hand experience means we know exactly how the system works. We know what’s important to the decision makers. We can easily handle the piles of paperwork involved in a tender. And we will guide you through the labyrinth of rules that discourage so many wine producers.

We do all this happily, because we have a mission: to give Swedish people access to a broader range of characteristic and exciting wines.

Our restaurant sales force.

WineWorld can help you with everything your wines need to sell successfully, investing in creative advertising, our newsletter and social media channels, as well as PR campaigns, wine tastings and branded experiences at wine fairs.

And while your tender is still pending, we can look into supplying your wine to prestigious restaurants. Our sales force consists of ten top sommeliers, each with his or her own expertise and notable network.

Let’s test what we can achieve together.

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